​ São Paulo, Brazil

by Isabel Duprat

Having the expressive presence of trees and plants with exuberance and tropical freshness, a koi pond, which  would find its dwelling in the old house, and a space with comfort to be with friends, were the wishes expressed by the clients for their home garden.​

The architecture of Aurélio Flores and interiors by Felippe Crescenti, with large white volumes, called for plants and colors to surround it.


The garden was designed in large gray stone courtyards paged in patches of different dimensions that repeat in a pattern, creating a soft texture cast by the shadows on the stone cuts surrounding the entire house. Vegetation and water are cutouts alternating full and empty spaces on this ground punctuated by trees as if they were already there. The beautiful sculpture garden of MOMA - Museum of Modern Art in New York was a reference.  .


The ground floor crumbles into an area that is inhabited by the large trees in the new woods and the pool that we designed as a large water mirror to embrace the sculpture of Maria Martins, besides having the quality of reflecting the surroundings. The proximity between the pool and the wall was minimized by the planting of "bamboo grass" leans over the water.


On the opposite side of the house, another patio is blended by a water mirror that houses the carp collection. 

Large and small leaves in the palette of countless shades of green spread across the garden, sometimes emerging, sometimes hiding, and following the movement on the floors and water. 

The surrounding trees and palm trees on the ground have the function of ensuring privacy while mimicking the trees of the street, creating a mass of vegetation. 



Intervention area 1500 m²

Project and execution 2011 – 2014