The landscape light made a big impression on me. The almost white sand, as thin as suspended talcum, turns itself into a veil that, with the wind, makes the landscape diaphanous and slightly yellowed by the intense and constant sunlight. This feeling aggravated by the heat is disconcerting. The sand penetrates the skin and gets entangled in the hair. I wished to be able to protect my head and neck. The scarf I used to always bring with me made it more comfortable.

Thinking about a garden in a place that on arrival seems to us so indecipherable was an exciting process.

The landscaping project for a residence designed by Bernardes & Jacobsen in the desert by the sea should bring comfort to the future residents.

What we seek as a principle in the landscaping project is the creation of fluid spaces integrated with the internal spaces and that bring architecture and external areas a sense of unity and complementation. The architectural party itself gives an essential dimension to the gardens, placing them as important articulating elements between internal and external spaces. As a first element to be noticed, we have the entrance axis marked by groups of spectacular phoenix palms, densely packed and distributed irregularly in linear beds. On the left, a large water patio formed by the large axes of the building with the living space in the center softens the sensation of the ambient temperature, bringing as well a freshness to the view.
























The floors and the waters of the water mirror and swimming pools are woven like a large tapestry with flower beds interspersed with flowers and shrubs, creating full and empty areas, ups and downs, naked or cozy places with small spaces, suggesting sometimes linear or organic compasses. A walkway has been designed permeating the entire envelope of the ploto f land, allowing us to fully enjoy the garden. 













​Conditions were created to design an internal garden of lush vegetation with a more wild, tropical atmosphere, in contrast to the particular characteristics of the external gardens.

​At the time of the project's development, given the little variety of native tree and shrub species in Qatar and unavailability of purchase, we opted for the use of exotic plants that were adapted to the difficult climatic conditions.

Project area: ~ 80.000 m²